YoYo Wiki

Manufacturer Duncan
Release date Summer 2008
Shape Rounded H-Profile
Color Various
Weight 71 grams
72.1 grams (Hayabusa Clear)
66.6 grams (Hayabusa SL)
Dimensions Diameter: 65.32mm
Width: 46.70mm
Material Plastic with rubber rims
Bearing size Size A Duncan
Response system Duncan 3 Hole Triad

The Hayabusa by Duncan is a yo-yo in the Hardcore series, first released in the Summer of 2008.


The Hayabusa is a 4A (Offstring) yo-yo developed through trial and error by the members of Duncan Crew Japan. It features a polycarbonate body complimented by rubber rims to help it bounce after a harsh drop. It also has a ball bearing axle for long sleep times, two different sets of spacers for adjusting the string gap, and a 3 Hole Triad response system, which are two sets of three recessed holes that function like reverse starbursts. Response pads are also usable on the Hayabusa. It also uses the same type of interchangeable side caps as the FH Zero.

The Hayabusa SL features softer rubber rims for better shock absorption and softer landings. There is also a clear version of the Hayabusa, which weighs more than the standard version. In addition, there was also a promotional version for the 2008 live-action film Speed Racer (based on the 1960s cartoon series of the same name), and it features a red and white color scheme with the Speed Racer logo on one side, and the Mach Five's "M" logo on the other.

The prototypes of the Hayabusa made their debut at the MoYo Anniversary event, and for a time before the yo-yo's official release, the pre-production models were sold at retailers such as Spingear and Spinworkx. Even before its official release, the Hayabusa was noted by some to not only be good for 4A, but also for 1A, with just the right parts.





  • The Hayabusa is named for the Japanese word for "falcon".
  • The Skyhawk is also an offstring yo-yo by Duncan that is named after a predatory bird.