Manufacturer Duncan
Release date 2012
Shape Modified
Color Opaque red with white side caps
Clear red with pink side caps
Opaque yellow with white side caps
Neon yellow with neon yellow side caps
Clear blue with black side caps
Clear with red side caps
Clear blue with neon green side caps
Clear orange with black side caps
Shinji Saito tuned: Clear blue with neon yellow side caps, Clear blue with white side caps, Opaque red with neon yellow side caps
Weight 52.9 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 58.70mm
Width: 28.75mm
String Gap Width: Adjustable
Material Plastic
Bearing size Size K Mighty Flea
Response system Starburst

The Hornet by Duncan is a yo-yo first released in 2012 as part of the Hardcore series.


The Hornet, which first debuted at the 2012 World Yo-Yo Contest in prototype form, is Duncan's latest looping yo-yo. It is a high-end model departing from other loopers such as the Pulse and the Speed Beetle. Unlike the aforementioned, the Hornet is designed specifically for advanced looping tricks and competitive play in 2A (two-handed looping). It features a Modified-style body profile, and instead of friction stickers, it uses a traditional starburst response system, similar to the older first-release Avenger from 1999. Compared to other looping yo-yos at the time of its release, the Hornet is very stable and sleeps longer. Only in the hands of an advanced- to professional-level 2A player could the very best of this yo-yo be brought out.

It comes with two different sets of spacers; two standard aluminum spacers in black, and two yellow plastic spacers for advanced play. The yo-yo also features metal washers that are positioned underneath the spacers, and they could be removed or added to adjust the string gap and responsiveness. The Hornet also comes with a narrower secondary axle for even faster loops. The yo-yo also uses a ball bearing measuring 4mm x 8mm x 3mm, the same size as that of the YoYoFactory Mighty Flea, as well as the Loop 900 and 1080 yo-yos. It also features the same interchangeable side cap system as the Freehand Zero, allowing the user to customize the look of the yo-yo using side caps from other yo-yos that also use that system. This also makes it compatible with Performance Rings. Unfortunately, its Raider-style axle system makes it incompatible with Mod Spacers. That, and the user would have to use something to remove the side caps from the yo-yo before installing any Performance Rings on it.

On the success of Shinji Saito winning the 2014 Duncan International Yo-Yo Contest using the Hornet in the 2A Division, Spingear sold competition-tuned Hornets in pairs at their online store, each with an autographed card of Saito himself.

The 2016 re-release of the yo-yo, which comes in new colors, did not include the plastic spacers.


Duncan Hornet Yo-Yo - Feat

Duncan Hornet Yo-Yo - Feat. Mai Kurihara

Mai Kurihara with dual Hornets. Also features clips of her performing at the 2013 Asia Pacific Yo-yo Contest. Video credit to the official Duncan Toys YouTube channel

Shinji Saito Meets Duncan Hornet

Shinji Saito Meets Duncan Hornet

Shinji Saito performing at the 2014 Duncan International Yo-Yo Contest in the 2A division with the Hornet. Video credit to the official Duncan Toys YouTube channel.