Hugo Z Hor
Manufacturer Duncan
Release date 2010
Shape Flat Rim
Color Blue
Weight 65.6 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 49.13mm
Width: 39.95mm
Material Aluminum
Bearing size Size D
Response system Duncan Silicone Stickers (large bearing)

The Hugo Z Hor (HZH or "Huey" for short) is a yo-yo released by Duncan in 2010 as part of the Screaming Eagle series.


The Hugo Z Hor (pronounced "hoo-goh zuh-hor") is the fifth yo-yo released in the Screaming Eagle series. It is an aluminum yo-yo designed by the members of Duncan Crew Czech Republic, featuring a body profile similar to that of the YoYoJam Axiom, but is exactly 1mm smaller in diameter with flatter rims. Along with that, it also has a small D-bearing (like in HSpin yo-yos) and Silicone Sticker response. With the weight focused on the center of the yo-yo, the HZH is responsive to manipulation and good for complex tricks.

If one looks closely at the laser-engraved HZH intials on the hubs, he/she would see the image of a mountain. That is because the Hugo Z Hor's name is Czech for "Hugo from the Mountains".


  • The MoMentuM also features a D-sized bearing and is part of the Screaming Eagle series, just like the Hugo Z Hor.