Manufacturer Duncan
Release date 2013-2014
Shape Modified
Color Various
Weight 43.7 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 57.02mm
Width: 26.91mm
Trapeze Width: 15mm
Material Plastic with laminated paper pogs
Bearing size Wooden axle sleeve
Response system Brake Pad Technology (BPT)

The Ignite is a yo-yo by Duncan, first released in 2013.


The Ignite is a beginner-level looping yo-yo combining the Brake Pad Technology of the acclaimed Bumblebee with the replaceable wooden axle of the classic ProYo. Essentially, it is a wooden-axle version of the Bumblebee, and has its own soft feeling. Like with the ProYo, they are also used for promotions, such as the National Yo-Yo Museum, Spinworkx, and even the successful computer-animated film, Despicable Me 2.


Loose Mod Spacer axle trouble?

If you're having trouble with a long axle being loose after you install a pair of Mod Spacers and you're trying to screw the Ignite's halves back together, use a small piece of duct tape and firmly place it over the hex head of the axle when you insert the latter part, along with the retaining nut just to be safe. This should at least keep the axle from moving too much as you screw the yo-yo body halves together. If you want to change back to the normal axle, I would recommend leaving the pogs off after duct taping the long axle used for installing the Mod Spacers.

EDIT: And just to be safe so that the Mod Spacers do not get damaged as you tighten the yo-yo halves, I would advise to put something on the molding dimples on the inner surfaces of the Ignite's body halves before putting the Mod Spacers on.

This simple modification was improvised by AlexKenderYo


  • The term "ignite" means to cause or catch on fire.
  • If you remove the pogs of the Ignite, you would see Playmaxx's name on the molding. Considering that the production mold for the Turbo Bumble Bee is among Playmaxx's assets when Duncan bought out the company, this wouldn't be surprising.