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The Magnetude by Duncan is a yo-yo released in 2013 as part of the Screaming Eagle series, after five years of development starting from 2008.


Designed by inventor and professional player Zachary Lytle A.K.A. "Magneto", the Magnetude features a unique innovation in 5A yo-yo design; Special magnetic z-stacks, complimented by a pair of magnetized counterweights included with the yo-yo. Their gimmick encourages the user to devise and invent all-new tricks. The red and black versions of the yo-yo, along with their respective counterweights, are polarized, creating a new opening for the development of 3A tricks. Along with that, the Magnetude features a small A-bearing, along with special, small-bearing SG Stickers for smooth, unresponsive play.


  • The Magnetude's name is a pun on "magnet" and "magnitude".
    • The yo-yo's name was also to originally to be spelled with an "i" rather than an "e".
  • The prototype version of the Praxis 1.0P originally had magnets in its side caps, but those were removed for the final limited production model.
  • The earliest concept of Lytle's magnetic yo-yo was featured in his 2008 video "Magnetic Flux", where it was a YoYoFactory G5 modified with magnetized z-stacks.



Duncan Magnetude Explained by Inventeder

Magneto explaining the Magnetude. Video by TheYoyoWorkshop.


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