Metal Racer
Manufacturer Duncan
Release date Asian countries: 2014
North American release: 2015
Shape Straight
Color Original release: Red
44CLASH editions: Silver with red hubs
Silver with blue hubs
Silver with green hubs
Silver with yellow hubs
North American release: Silver with red hubs
Silver with blue hubs
Silver with yellow hubs
Silver with green hubs
Weight 60 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 54mm
Width: 37mm
Material Aluminum with plastic Racer Caps
Bearing size Size C
Response system Duncan SG Stickers (large bearing)

The Metal Racer by Duncan is a metal yo-yo first released at the 2014 44CLASH followed by a wider retail release in Asia. The North American version was first announced at the 2015 New York Toy Fair, before being released in the Spring of 2015.


The Metal Racer is made of aluminum with a straight body profile, along with SG Sticker response and a large C-bearing for advanced play. However, the yo-yo's most notable feature is the plastic Racer Caps modeled after car wheels. These caps come in two different variations; spoked Wheel Caps for a wheel effect (and a throwback to the original Wheels yo-yo), and Finger Spin Caps for finger spin tricks. Plus, they are also usable on certain yo-yos that use the Freehand Zero's side cap system. 

The yo-yo is also compatible with Mod Spacers (by installing a long enough axle) and Performance Rings.