Manufacturer Duncan
Release date 2009
Shape Butterfly
Color Blue with Black hubstacks
Green with White hubstacks
Gold with White hubstacks
Red with Black hubstacks
Weight 67.6 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 52.03mm
Width: 40.26mm
String Gap Width: 4.33mm
Material Aluminum with plastic hubstacks/z-stacks
Bearing size Size D
Response system Duncan Silicone Stickers (large bearing)

The MoMentuM by Duncan is a yo-yo released as part of the Screaming Eagle series in 2009.


The MoMentuM is the third Screaming Eagle yo-yo released in the line. It features a D-sized bearing for a wide string gap and Silicone Sticker response, along with a smooth, blasted finish to allow for great performance in grinding. The MoMentuM's most defining feature is the wide Z-stacks on its sides that allow the user to change the plane of axis or even ripcord the yo-yo into a spin. They can be switched out for a pair of standard-style hubstacks that are also included with the yo-yo. The MoMentuM also has its name and the Screaming Eagle logo laser-engraved on the body halves.


  • The Magnetude also features z-stacks on its sides, only they're magnetic.
  • The Hugo Z Hor is another yo-yo in the Screaming Eagle series to feature a D-sized ball bearing.


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