Manufacturer Duncan
Release date 1993
Shape Imperial
Color Various
Weight N/A
Dimensions Diameter: 57.33mm
Width: 34.24mm
Material Plastic
Bearing size Fixed metal axle
Response system Starburst
The Neo is a yo-yo first released in 1993 by Duncan. It is a variation of the classic Imperial yo-yo that comes in a variety of bright neon colors. It was also licensed to Bandai for their Hyper Yo-Yo line-up as the Hyper Neo (Japanese: ハイパーネオ). The yo-yo was eventually discontinued sometime in the early 2000s.


1993 - Duncan Toys Yo-Yo King Commercial

1993 - Duncan Toys Yo-Yo King Commercial

Duncan 1993 "Yo-Yo King" TV ad featuring the Neo. Video by the official Duncan Toys YouTube Channel

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