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The Praxis 1.0P by Duncan is a limited release yo-yo in the De-Luxxe series in 2009. Only sixty production models were ever made and sold.


The Praxis is an aluminum yo-yo with special spinning side caps to allow for new kinds of tricks, and an innovative, automotive-style two-axle system that consists of an external axle and an internal axle. The external axle holds a special large bearing that is custom-made to provide an ultra-wide string gap width for only the most advanced of tricks. The internal axle runs through not just the main bearing, but also the thicker external axle with two smaller bearings on its sides, and is connected to the side caps. The yo-yo also boasts recessed silicone response and polyester string. When the yo-yo spins, the side caps spin with them, thanks to the internal axle and the small bearings on the sides of the external axle.

The first prototypes of the yo-yo were introduced at the U.S. National Yo-Yo Contest. They originally had magnets in their side caps to allow for specialized tricks utilizing them, but they did not function properly, so none of the units were purchased. The sixty limited production models, which had the magnets removed, were only sold on the official Duncan website, for a retail price of $125 USD each.

Official Description

Duncan's 80th anniversary comes packed with many surprises; the first being the launch of the Praxis 1.0P.

Equipped with an entirely new axle system, the Praxis 1.0P works like an automotive axle system with one axle going through three bearings and both side caps spinning simultaneously; opening the door for an entire new fleet of tricks.

Other features include a large customized bearing, 100% orange polyester string, ultra wide gap, and a recessed silicone response system for super smooth play.


  • The magnetic side cap concept was also featured in the Magnetude, which was designed by Zachary Lytle and released in the Screaming Eagle series after five years of development (starting from 2008).