The Pulse is a light-up looping/2A yo-yo in the Hardcore series first released by Duncan at the 2007 Worlds. It was initially available exclusively at the Discovery Channel Store, until it began to be distributed at other retailers. It is based on the Orb in terms of having that distinctive ridged body shape and a battery-powered light-up system, but with Friction Sticker response instead of starbursts. If the user wants, he or she can equip the Pulse with purpose-made Looping Stickers.

The light-up system embedded in the yo-yo halves is different than the one in the Orb. It changes color and pattern depending on how long it has been spinning. Initially, it was only available in clear plastic with the decals coming in different colors, but later on, the yo-yo was released in semi-translucent blue and neon green. It also comes included with two spare button batteries.

This yo-yo was considered to arguably be the best light-up yo-yo ever made, because of its unique light patterns, as well as the fact that the patterns change to create mesmerizing effects. This made the Pulse a great yo-yo for nighttime performances, and it really lights up the room. Great for an intermediate player looking for a yo-yo that can play great, as well as to attract attention.

Its light-up system was also used in a special version of the FH Zero. Also released is a fixed axle version with a wooden axle sleeve similar to the Spintastics Technic, the Lime Light.

Also distributed exclusively in Hong Kong Disneyland is a Halloween Mickey Mouse edition of the yo-yo.

2018 Model

In 2018, Duncan released a new version of the Pulse. Based on the Hornet, it features a modified profile, along with Friction Sticker response, side caps that come in different colors, and gap-adjusting washers. Unlike the older 2007 version, it uses a smaller E-bearing, which is one of the standard bearing sizes set by the Yomega Raider and other 2A yo-yos alike for competitive 2A play.


2007 Model

2018 Model