Manufacturer Duncan
Release date 2010
Shape Butterfly
Color Various
Weight 65.6 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 53.5mm
Width: 39.2mm
Material Aluminum
Bearing size Size C
Response system Duncan SG Stickers (large bearing)
The Raptor is a yo-yo released by Duncan in 2010 as part of the De-Luxxe series.


The Raptor is an aluminum yo-yo whose simplistic Butterfly shape is a major departure from most other metal yo-yos in the line-up. It is shaped similarly to the FHZ, but a bit smaller in diameter and with a wider string gap at around 39mm. This makes the yo-yo well-suited for unresponsive play. Along with that, it is compatible with FHZ-style side caps, allowing the user to customize the yo-yo's appearance however he/she pleases. It also comes included with two clear side caps for some added cool factor. However, to remove the side caps, they would have to be pryed off or popped off with a thin blade or suction cup, respectively.

Another innovation that makes the Raptor a significant step-up from the previous releases before it is the response system; it is the first Duncan yo-yo to use silicone groove response in the form of SG Stickers, which are designed specifically for smooth, unresponsive string play. They come in the popular 19mm OD/"Large Slim" size, making the Raptor compatible with other response pads that are made in this size. The yo-yo also uses a large C-bearing.

All of these qualities make for a yo-yo that can be used in a competitive setting, having seen use by players such as Kota Watanabe, Hidemasa Semba, and Tomas Bubak. The Raptor also sold for around $40 USD, much less expensive than even the Screaming Eagle models at the time.

The Raptor had started a new era for Duncan, where they are making metal yo-yos that are up to modern standards, not just in the De-Luxxe series, but also in the Screaming Eagle series and in some cases, the Hardcore series.