For the light-up version of the yo-yo from the late 1970s, see Duncan Satellite (light-up)

Satellite (Wood)
Satelite yellow
Manufacturer Duncan
Release date Late 1950s
Shape Bulge Face
Color Various
Weight 51.5 g
Dimensions 2.25" diameter
Material One piece wood
Bearing size Fixed wooden axle
Response system None

The Satellite yo-yo was "launched" by Duncan in the late 1950's, capitalizing on the frenzy and amazement created by the launch of the first artificial satellites into orbit, such as the former Soviet Union's Sputnik 1 and the United States' Explorer 3. With a very unusual bulge-faced profile similar to a Russell yo-yo, this was one of the most popular Duncan models of that period.

Variations on the models did exist, some with flat sides on the bulges, others with completely rounded bulges. At one point in time, there was going to be a version of the Satellite that had featured pointed, conical hubs, but this design never went beyond the prototype stage.


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