Manufacturer Duncan
Release date Pre-release model: July 2014
Production model: August-September 2014
Shape Flared/Step-Straight
Color Semi-translucent red w/ white Performance Rings
Semi-translucent green w/ blue Performance Rings
Semi-translucent blue w/ black Performance Rings
Opaque white w/ red Performance Rings
Clear w/ black Performance Rings
Weight 79.1 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 75.76mm
Width: 57.64mm
Trapeze Width: 55mm
Material Plastic (polycarbonate) with aluminum Performance Rings
Bearing size Size C
Size A Duncan (optional, sold separately)
Response system Duncan SG Stickers (large-bearing)

The Skyhawk is a yo-yo by Duncan Toys in the Hardcore series. It was first announced in February 2014 at the New York International Toy Fair. The pre-release models were released in July 2014, and in August/September 2014, the production model was released.


The Skyhawk is one of the three "Hawk" yo-yos in the Hardcore series, and is "Best in Class" among the three. It is an offstring yo-yo featuring a very large and angular polycarbonate body ideal for its role, and compatibility with the new Performance Ring system. Speaking of which, it comes included with two aluminum Performance Rings, just like the canceled Firehawk. Because of its compatibility with Performance Rings, it could also accommodate FHZ style side caps. It also features SG Sticker response, as well as a large C-bearing.

Much like the Flipside, the Skyhawk comes with a pair of reversible bearing spacers, giving the user the option to switch out the C-bearing for a smaller A-sized bearing (sold separately) for a different feeling of play.


  • The Skyhawk, Featherhawk and Firehawk are Hardcore series yo-yos named after a species of predatory bird, much like the Hayabusa.
  • Up until Spring 2015, purchasing the Skyhawk was the only way of getting any Performance Rings.
  • The Skyhawk was the only one of the Hawk yo-yos to see retail release.


February 2014 Promo Video

Duncan Skyhawk Yo-Yo Ft

Duncan Skyhawk Yo-Yo Ft. Sean Perez

Promo video featuring Sean Perez playing with the prototype Skyhawk

Duncan Skyhawk Yo-Yo Ft

Duncan Skyhawk Yo-Yo Ft. Sean Perez EXTENDED EDIT

Extended edit of the promo video

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