Manufacturer Duncan
Release date 2013
Shape Inverse-Round
Color Various
Weight 66.4 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 54.50mm
Width: 42.49mm
Material Aluminum
Bearing size Size C KonKave
Response system Duncan SG Stickers

The Strix by Duncan is a yo-yo released in the De-Luxxe series in 2013, as the signature model of Kota Watanabe.


The Strix is an advanced aluminum yo-yo featuring a precision-machined, three-angled Inverse-Round body shape, with the innermost angle having a texture-less concave shape. On the outermost edge of the rims are a series of laser-carved designs, featuring the yo-yo's logo, along with the company logo. The Strix's concave hubs are specifically designed for the favorite finger spin tricks of 2011/2013 European Yo-Yo Champion and Duncan Crew Japan member Kota Watanabe, who had designed the yo-yo.

With its wide string gap, mounting string tricks has become easier to pull off. Its diameter is between that of the Raptor and the Echo, both of which Watanabe had also used. The Strix also features silicone SG Sticker response and an officially-licensed KonKave C-bearing from Dif-e-Yo. The yo-yo's weight distribution is placed in a way that would make the yo-yo feel lighter than the specifications would indicate, allowing it to play fast.

There is also a 2013 US Nationals edition, along with a limited red version for the 2013 Winter Freestyle Competition in collaboration with Backspin. In November 2014, a special edition of the yo-yo was produced by Duncan for the 2014 44CLASH contest, sold exclusively at Spingear. Given out exclusively to contest judges and volunteers at the 2014 Duncan IYYC are special nickel-plated Strix yo-yos that feature artwork by legendary graffiti artist Rodrigo Yokota A.K.A. WHIP.