The Triumph by Duncan is a yo-yo released as part of the Screaming Eagle series in Fall 2014. It is a signature series yo-yo of Hank Freeman. It is named for Hank's three victories in the World Yo-Yo Contest's 3A Division.


The Triumph is based on the Barracuda, which Hank Freeman had used to win 1st place in the 3A division at the 2012 WYYC, as well as 1st place at the Triple Crown of Yo-Yo. As with the Barracuda, the Triumph features an Inverse Round body profile but with a lower edge. It also boasts silicone SG Sticker response, but this time, it also features a genuine, officially-licensed KonKave C-bearing from Dif-e-Yo. Though it is lighter than the original Barracuda, it is much more improved, boasting considerable stability no matter what tricks the user throws at it. Its playing feeling is also more forgiving.