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The trick Envelope is a trick that involved using your hands to turn the strings into an envelope. There are only two steps and a dismount:

1. Start with a Double or Nothing. The closer to the middle of the front string, the better the trick will look.

2. Use your thumbs to bend the string closest to you down, making the strings form a box, with the yo yo weighing one of the strings down to form the Envelope.

3. To dismount, just let go of the back string with your thumb back into Double or Nothing and dismount the normal way.


Make sure that the yo yo is on the front string before you pull the string down.

Don't move your body too much side to side or the yo yo will start wobbling, possibly falling off the string.

When you let go of the back string, make sure that it doesn't clip the yo yo and tie a knot.

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