Eric Wolff also known as Yo-Eric, is a partner in Alchemy Yo-Yos which started in 2007 along with fellow modder Rob Tsou, and Radiyoactive's Jaco Greeff. Wolff started on the road to yo-yo manufacturing by first bringing his skills to yo-yo modding and creating once-off acrylic and wooden yo-yos. Well known for his ability to take parts from yo-yos (such as aluminum rings) and combining it into a new creation, his models are well sought after.

In the late 1990's Eric Wolff developed a response system for Custom's Reactor, which was eventually used in all of Custom's ball-bearing yo-yos and commemorated in a black Eric Wolff signature series Custom Chain Reactor. After a lawsuit from Playmaxx, which felt that Custom's Performance Rings were too similar to their own patented brake pad response system, Custom yielded to a judge's ruling and redesigned their Performance Rings as part of a settlement with Playmaxx.

Wolff is the head judge in the yo-yo modification category at the World Yo-Yo Contest.

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