The Fli-Back Company, Inc was a well-known US manufacturer based in High Point, North Carolina. Founded in 1931, it started as a paddleball manufacturer and soon created such large number of these toys that an opportunity was presented to diversify into other ranges of toys. By 1946 these toys included yo-yos and spinning tops.

By the 1950's the company was selling world-wide and employed severeal hundred workers. In the 1960's the company changed ownership from father to son, but due to a number of unfortunate events plans to expand the company significantly was put on hold in 1963. In 1972 the company was sold to the Ohio Art company and started a downward spiral. In the 1980's the final owner, the Hedstrom company closed the factory in North Carolina and move production to Mississippi. Shortly afterwards the new owner stopped production on all toys under the Fli-Back name.

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