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This morning, two users, Dynamic2excalibur and Yoyoagent had deliberately made edits that involve false information. Dynamic2excalibur had edited the article of Ryota Ogi with false information in the Achievements section claiming that Mr. Ogi had finished 1st in almost every yo-yo contest that he had entered. I had to change the information back to the original. Dynamic had also made an article of fellow editor Edgar Davis A.K.A. Edgard4501 with overly-sensationalized commentary about Edgard4501's yo-yo skills being comparable to Ryota Ogi. As it turned out, Edgar and Dynamic were making troll edits just to be comedians, not to annoy other people, so I'll let 'em slide on that one :P

As for Yoyoagent, he made a rather slanderous edit on the article about Sengoku, claiming that Julio Robles was scamming the yo-yo community by falsely claiming that the yo-yos were made in Japan, and that the yo-yos themselves were actually manufactured by Magic Yo-Yo in China. All deadringers to Yoyoagent being a troll. If you want proof that Yoyoagent had done what he had done, here is a link: I have since rolled back the unwanted edit.

All of this comes to the subject of this very topic; False information, and troll edits. If you see any troll edits, or information that you know is false being put on an article, talk about it here in this topic! AlexKenderYo (talk) 20:38, June 17, 2015 (UTC)