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This is a post by IV that hijacked my thread --Sixtoe 00:35, May 6, 2010 (UTC)

Sorry to hijack your message but I'm new to this whole format... well here my message is regardless:

It's a wiki, I just got through reading the articles on the G5+ and Boss... to be honest, there is a bit too much junk and not enough substance. More images are needed, editions and color names are needed. This is a database. However, it being open means there needs to be tight administration being one on every batch of new edits daily to clean up things that don't fit. The Boss article almost seemed like 10 people wrote it, each all writing a different sentence then they were all arranged incorrectly.


IV, can you make an account and log in? That way you can do the edits you think are needed yourself. The whole 'open' part means responsibility to edit and contribute if you have the ability. No one here gets paid to make these changes. Up and atom!

Sixtoe 00:35, May 6, 2010 (UTC)

Thanks for your input. The forum here is not massively easy to use, so if you're struggling making anything happen on the wiki, write me a message on my talk page and I'll help you get it sorted.

Anyone can edit and improve pages, I'm not convinced we need tight administration. If someone wants to add editions we'd love to have them, however I'm not convinced how useful the information is (and who could really name every edition of the 888? There's a ridiculous number!) and so it seems most contributors choose to work on other articles. Personally, I'd love us to have more trick articles, but that hasn't happened (yet).

Articles seem to be improving. Compare the original version of the Boss article with the current version. There have only been two contributors to it so far.

There are a couple of editors who keep an eye on the recent changes and that often deals with content that needs fixing. Everyone here volunteers, so we can't force people to regularly check things -- editors work purely out of enthusiasm. A lot of edits have nothing wrong them, so people batch checking new edits just seems rather draconian to me.

There's a motto on wikipedia: "be bold!" -- if you think we need more images or colours or editions, we'd love to have your contributions. --Wilfred (talk|contribs) 18:25, May 6, 2010 (UTC)