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It has been announced this month that YoYoJam is going to close its doors, due to founder Dale Bell having health problems. Over the years since its foundation in the late 1990s, YoYoJam had always strived to bring out the most innovative yo-yos that they could whip up. From its humble beginnings with the SpinJammer and DragonJam yo-yos, to its line of composite-material yo-yos started by the legendary SpinFaktor, and to the Solid Spin Axle-equipped yo-yos of the 2010s. Don't forget that they had also introduced the C-bearing to the world with their Patriot yo-yo back in 2002.

Many great players had also come from YoYoJam, such as Ben Conde, Cody Taylor, Rick Wyatt, Rei Iwakura, and many others. To those of you that had played with YoYoJam yo-yos, take the time to remember the good times you had learning new tricks with such yo-yos.

I may not have played with a YoYoJam yo-yo not even once in my life, sadly, but it is amazing to see how far that they had come.

So, I have this to say;

YoYoJam Forever!

AlexKenderYo (talk) 00:19, December 20, 2015 (UTC)