Manufacturer G-Squared/MonkeyfingeR Design
Release date 2014
Shape Angular Butterfly
Color Various
Weight 69.3 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 56.45mm
Width: 44mm
String Gap Width: 4.35mm
Material Aluminum
Bearing size Size C 10 Ball
Response system G-Squared G-Grip Pads (compatible with MonkeyfingeR Monkey Snot silicone)
The Co-Lab is a yo-yo produced in collaboration by G-Squared and MonkeyfingeR Design, first released in 2014.


The Co-Lab is features design elements of the most popular full-metal yo-yos in the line-ups of both MonkeyfingeR and G-Squared at the time. It combines the profile of the Ape-X with the angles and grooved string gap of the Triton. The floor and hub of the side faces are derived from the Triton, while the outer parts of the faces and the step in weight ring come from the Ape-X. Hefty at around 69.3 grams with a moderate speed of play, the Co-Lab is quite stable with some float to it, ideal for a more relaxed playing style.

As with any MonkeyfingeR model, it features a variety of wild, multi-colored anodizations with a silky smooth blast finish for grinding. For the guts, it features G-Squared's new G-Grip Pad response system (the recesses are also compatible with MonkeyfingeR's Monkey Snot silicone) and a large 10-ball C-bearing.



  • The yo-yo's name is a play on words of "collab", a term commonly used to abbreviate collaboration. In which case, the collaboration between G-Squared and MonkeyfingeR in the development of the Co-Lab.

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