Gabriel (Gabe) Lozano, also known as Citadel, is member of Duncan Crew World-Wide. In addition, Lozano is one of the SpinDox and the founder of the website Sector Y. In its original run from 1999-2003, Sector Y was the most comprehensive library of yo-yo tricks available on the internet, with text and image based tutorials, contest freestyle videos as well as original trick compilations.

The site was revived as a more conventional blog to share new videos, from 2009-2012.

Lozano is also the creator of classic yo-yo tricks such as Shockwave, Candyrain, and Flow Break.



  • World Yo-Yo Contest: Single A - 55th Place
  • CA State Championships: Single A - 9th Place
  • West Coast Regional: Single A - 7th Place
  • National Yo-Yo Contest - 35th Place