The Magnum
The Magnum.png
Manufacturer General Yo
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Shape Butterfly
Color Various
Weight 67.4 gr
Dimensions 53.34mm diameter, 41.40mm width
Material Magnesium
Bearing size size C
Response system Silicone

The Magnum is a yet to be release magnesium yo-yo by General Yo This yo-yo has been in development for over 10 months as Ernie worked out the fine detail of using magnesium with a nickel finish. By experimenting with Magnesium he has been able to add 30% more mass to the rims, and still only weigh 67.4 gr, it pushed the limits for rim weight. Only 48 were released making it a vary rare and exotic yoyo.

After the Freehand MG, the Magnum is the second yo-yo made from Magnesuim in existence to be produced en mass.

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