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The Yo-Yo Wiki Needs You!

So, you've found the site, read the articles, and want to help? It's easy and you'll become a member of a team who ensure that we have the best yo-yoing information on the web.

Step 1 - Register[]

The only thing you need to do to get involved is register. It's easy, instant and you don't even need to confirm your email address (although using a real one is sensible in case you forget your password).

Step 2 - Jump in[]

Contributing to the yo-yo wiki is easy. Every page has an 'edit' tab at the top for you to get started. If you're not sure how to do something there is everything you'll need to know at the editing guide. If you get stuck just leave a message at the Coffee Machine.

Things to do[]

Short of things to do? Here's a few suggestions:

Quick article creation[]

  • Whilst you can click any red link to start an article with that name, you may want to use the box below to create a specific article
    • If you use this box, no pages on the wiki will link to your new article. Find a page that is relevant and add a link.
  • Only use the box once you have searched for articles with similar titles

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