Manufacturer God-Tricks
Release date August 2011
Shape Inverse Round
Color White
Weight 78 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 80mm
Width: 51.7mm
String Gap Width: 3.8mm
Material Delrin
Bearing size Size C
Response system God-Tricks Flow Groove Pads (Large Slim)
The Windforce is the first offstring yo-yo from God-Tricks, with a spacer-adjustable string gap width. It as released in August 2011.

It is made from the same high-quality delrin as the Japan Technology Rera and C3yoyodesign Solar. Maintenance is simple, making it an ideal first yo-yo for new offstring players. The smooth, hard plastic ensures that even if you miss the trick, the yo-yo will bounce off the ground and give you a chance to recover. Each time you miss, the yo-yo will bounce a little lower, making for great practice with quick-saving maneuvers. The yo-yo measures 80mm in diameter, particularly large, but needs to be so that catching it on the string would be easier.

The spacers, which also come with washers that install underneath them, can be added or removed for adjusting the string gap width, whether the user wants a wider gap for more complicated string trick variations, or if a narrower gap for regeneration and whip catches is his/her preferred style. 

It was eventually succeeded by the Pegasus.


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