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The Green Triangle (often abbreviated as GT) mount was invented by Paul Escolar. It is basically a knot with the yo-yo sitting in the loop. Because of this it is critical which side of the mount the yo-yo is popped out on, as one side will result in a knot. Which side you should use varies from trick to trick. Due to the advanced nature of the trick, it is a fundamental element of modern 1A play, as Green Triangles can be landed within a plethora of other maneuvers. 


  • The Green Triangle was allegedly named as a drug reference, whereby in the early 2000s, Spencer Berry found a website with images of a variety of ecstasy pills with various designs printed on them. These designs worked their way into several fundamental 1A tricks of the time, namely the Green Triangle, White Buddha, and Red Clover.
  • The "Green Triangle" was the Nazi-designated symbol for criminal drug offenders. While oppressed Jews and homosexuals were marked with a Yellow Star of David or Pink Triangle, respectively, the Green Triangles were in fact a gray area of oppression in the concentration camps. This is because the criminal drug offenders were often otherwise upstanding Aryan German citizens, and therefore the Nazi guards did not treat them as harshly as the "inferior races." The Green Triangles were often afforded privileges by the guards that the other prisoners were constantly deprived of, sometimes better food and some leisure time. The Green Triangles also served as an informal "secret police" for the Nazi guards within the prisoner population.