HSpin Yo-Yo LLC was a non-profit yo-yo manufacturer founded in 1997 by Christopher Kayatz and others. Based out of Switzerland, HSpin was well regarded for their very collectable, high-performance, high-end metal yo-yos. A pioneer in metal yo-yo design, HSpin made their mark on the modern high-end yo-yo market in a myriad of ways. Most notable is their pioneering use of weight distribution, evident in the bi-metal construction of the Handquake and Good and Evil series, as well as the H-shaped weight distribution of the Envy. They also were highly regarded for aesthetic choices including distinctive anodization color schemes, as well as innovative laser engravings, particularly on the profile of the yo-yo (first used on the Pyro).  

Most HSpin products were laser engraved with individual serial numbers, and the HSpin website used to have a serial number registry where one could enter their information and also browse the owners and locations of HSpin products all around the world. After setting the bar for inventive designs, HSpin received a lot of feedback that their yo-yos were "too weird" for competitive play. This influenced them to design more generically shaped yo-yos for competition, such as the Icon, Cut, Beysick, Gorylla, and others. 

As of 2013, Hspin has gone out of business. However, the Little Evil, a miniature stainless steel yo-yo based on the G&E series has been licensed for production by Zeekio. 

Most HSpin yo-yos use a D-sized bearing and recessed Dif-Pad response. 

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