Good and Evil 2: Poison
Manufacturer HSpin
Release date 2004
Shape Butterfly
Color Purple/Pink anodized
Weight 72 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 60mm
Width: 40mm
Material Aluminium with chrome steel weight rings
Bearing size Size D HSpin
Response system Dif Pads

The Good and Evil 2: Poison (often abbreviated as the G&E2) was the successor to the popular Good and Evil. Produced in 2004 by HSpin, it has one half purple and the other pink, with laser engraved graphics on the outer face. The yo-yo is a bi-metal design, featuring steel weight rings, and was also popular for its recessed Dif Pad response system. It has an anodized coating that makes it grind extremely well, and was one of the first widely available yo-yos with a lip for thumb grinds.

Like most HSpin releases, it uses an unusual, un-shielded D-bearing, and was packaged with a variety of shims to allow users to adjust the gap width to their preference. This shim configuration also included a pair of tiny black rubber O-rings to be placed on top of the shims (in order to reduce vibration) however many players opted not to use these o-rings upon discovering they had a tendency to get shredded and deposit rubber debris in the bearing.

A total of about 550 Good and Evil 2's were made, and they were all serial numbered on the lighter colored half. The first run of G&E2's was a dark hue of pink and purple, and the weight rings were raw. The second run G&E2's a lighter hue of pink and purple, with slightly modified laser engravings, and the weight rings were rounded and anodized in black, along with recessed Dif Pads.

The G&E2 was highly regarded for its smooth play as well as distinctive aesthetics.


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