YoYo Wiki

We have a few simple guidelines to make sure everything goes well here at the yo-yo wiki. Although most people break these at some point, these are not hard-and-fast rules, just guidelines to help us make the best yo-yo resource around. If you feel there is a better way of doing things or disagree with a guidelines, feel free to use the talk page.

What to do

  • With the exception of reviews, try to keep everything to a neutral point of view.
  • When you edit a page, use the summary box at the bottom to say what you've edited and why. Saying 'typo fix' or 'rewriting first sentence' makes it a lot easier for others.
  • Only sign your reviews, your input on the talk pages and the Forum by clicking the signature button (third from the right). On other articles however please don't.
  • Check your links. If the page exists, link to it. If it doesn't, check to see if any other pages link to it and use the same link title.
  • Respect other people's views on matters.
  • Use the right category for articles you write when there are appropriate categories for your article.
  • Group articles by yo-yo model. You don't need a separate page for every different run, color or edition of the yo-yo. A few medium length articles are better than many short ones.
  • Read the instructions for templates and categories before you jump in to stop others have to make those changes for you.

What not to do

  • Firstly, please don't post a biography about yourself! We need people to add information that is more useful to other yo-yoers. You can put things about you in your user page.
  • Don't over-link pages. If you want to link a word, it's normally best to only use a link on the first instance of that word. Also, linking the word 'yo-yo' is almost always unnecessary.
  • Don't spam the articles. Posting links to 'make money easily' or 'viagra' will result in a permanent ban.
  • Don't create your own version of a page that already exists. Add to the one that's already been started.
  • Don't post anything that is copyrighted, especially images and videos. If text or images aren't yours, don't use them unless you have permission.
  • Don't write 'please update this' or 'I don't know' on the articles, keep questions and comments to the talk pages.
  • Don't create empty pages with just a category. Leave it until you can create an article with information on.