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The Coral Snake by Henrys is a yo-yo and a Modified-shape counterpart to the Viper, first released in 1999. It was also the first yo-yo released as part of the AXYS system, featuring a Speed Explosion ball bearing axle. Besides the shape and design of the aluminum hubs, the biggest difference between the Viper and the Coral Snake is the built-in response system that the latter boasts.

For response, the Coral Snake uses metal starbursts with positive/negative pressure technology. This makes the Coral Snake one of the very few yo-yos to use a metal-based starburst response system. When combined with the Quicktrick gap adjustment system provided by the axle, it makes the yo-yo great for both looping and 1A play.

This novel response system (along with a recessed starburst modification commonly implemented on the Viper) was also the subject of a legal disagreement between Playmaxx and Henrys. This was believed to have lead up to the development of the ProYo Mongoose.

The 2010 version of the Coral Snake does not feature the metal starbursts as it did in the past, instead relying on the anodization on the inner surfaces of the hub.


  • The first batch of Coral Snake yo-yos, which was distributed at the 1999 Midwest Regionals, had a production error in which the engravings were put on the wrong side of the hubs, so the yo-yos were sent back and the engraver had put the engraving on the right place, as well. Some have said that the engraving having been on the wrong side of the hubs made the yo-yo more responsive or eat up string quicker.
    • Doctor Popular also happens to have one of these first-release Coral Snakes in his possession.