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The Henrys Hyper Viper (Japanese: ヘンリーハイパーバイパー) is a yo-yo licensed to Bandai by Henrys for release in the Hyper Yo-Yo line. It was released in Japan in October 1998.


The Hyper Viper is the Bandai version of the Viper. Much like the original, it features an aluminum hub with large rubber shells, a metal ball bearing for long spin times, and the Quicktrick adjustable string gap system. It can also be used for 4A (Offstring), which at the time of the yo-yo's release was a relatively new and revolutionary playing style. In addition, the hub has the yo-yo's name, Bandai's name, and the release year printed on it. Because of its high quality, the Hyper Viper is one of the premium models of the original Hyper Yo-Yo line.

The offstring tricks demonstrated by Jon Gates and Dave Schulte using the yo-yo in the Team Hyper Viper tour in Japan, as well as the tricks being showcased in CoroCoro Comic, had contributed to the spread of offstring play throughout the nation, also inspiring Hironori Mii to start Team Off-String.

In December 2014, Yo-Yo Store Rewind acquired a new-old stock of Hyper Viper yo-yos to be sold online. They have since sold out.

Chousoku Spinners/Super Yo-Yo (anime)

The Hyper Viper was featured in the flashback scene of Episode 18, in which Nakamura-Meijin came to Germany on his travels that were arranged by the Cy-Tech Corporation, where he himself sees some people playing with the yo-yo. After marveling at its adjustable string gap, ball bearing, and rubber shells, as well as doing a brief demonstration of his skills, a fictional version of Team Hyper Viper, a trio of skilled German spinners who promote the yo-yo, came by. The members of Team Hyper Viper pulled off a demonstration of their own, showcasing the yo-yo's ability in offstring play to Nakamura's amazement.



  • The Hyper Viper, along with the Hyper Dragon (when equipped with the Off-String Play Type Body), were the only offstring yo-yos ever featured in the Hyper Yo-Yo brand. No other yo-yos of this playing style were released since then in either the 2003/2004 or 2010s iterations of the line.

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