The Viper Flux by Henrys is a yo-yo first released in June 2010.


The Viper Flux is a variant of the Viper Neo featuring the Flux Axle, which penetrates through the yo-yo's main axle and the bearing, with a plastic hubstack on each end. This secondary axle spins independently of the yo-yo, making it good for those having trouble with landing the Forward Pass Mount. The Flux Axle can also be removed without affecting the yo-yo's overall performance. The Viper Flux also features Gecko Pad response, smooth yet snappy, making it great for 1A play, as well. Of course, due to being based on the Viper Neo, it cannot use AXYS parts. The only way to adjust the string gap of the yo-yo, since the axle system does not have the Quicktrick mechanism, is to use a Max Gap shim set (sold separately).

Also sold separately is the Flux Tuning Set, which features three spare Flux Axles, along with alternate versions of the hubstacks.


  • The Duncan Praxis 1.0P featured a similar axle system, except that it featured magnetic spinning side caps instead of hubstacks.


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