The Viper Neo by Henrys is a yo-yo released in June 2010.


This yo-yo is a modern bind-responsive version of the original Viper, featuring a redesigned hub that widens the profile, and also features Henrys' new silicone Gecko Pad response system. With the Gecko Pads, the Viper Neo is usable not just for 4A tricks, but also for 1A (string tricks). Its weak tug response makes it ideal for laceration-style tricks. Degreasing the bearing can make the Viper Neo completely unresponsive, allowing for even more advanced tricks. It featured a different axle system than the original Viper, so it has no O-rings to allow for a Quicktrick adjustable gap. The only way to adjust the Viper Neo's string gap width to one's personal preferences is to use a Max Gap shim set (sold separately). There is also a variant with larger rubber shells, the Viper Neo XL, along with a hubstacked version, the Viper Flux.