Viper Neo XL
Manufacturer Henrys
Release date August 2010
Shape Step-Round
Color Orange
Ice (clear)
Weight 110 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 79.80mm
Width: 63.90mm
Trapeze Width: 59mm
Material Aluminum hub with rubber shells
Bearing size Size D HSpin
Response system Henrys Gecko Pads

The Viper Neo XL by Henrys is an offstring yo-yo released in August 2010. It has been discontinued as of 2015.


The Viper Neo XL is a variant of the Viper Neo with larger shells than the original. Of course, it uses the same aluminum hub as the Viper Neo, along with silicone Gecko Pad response, making it usable for even 1A play. Although, the larger shells make the yo-yo lean more towards 4A play than its smaller counterpart.

In addition, the Viper Neo XL is incompatible with AXYS axles. The user would need a Max Gap shim set (sold separately) for adjusting the string gap of the Neo XL to his/her preferred settings, similar to the original Viper Neo.

At 110 grams, it was also one of the heaviest yo-yos on the market, if not the very heaviest outright.