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How To Be a Player is a two-part instructional video series produced by Mark McBride for Duncan, featuring Steve Brown and Chris Neff. The videos instruct a wide range of yo-yoing and spin top tricks, from fundamentals to advanced concepts, as well as promoting the Duncan product line. Originally the series was only available on two separate VHS tapes (NTSC format only), but has been released as a combined DVD in late 2005. As of 2012, the videos are freely available on YouTube via Duncan Toys (linked below). Tricks are demonstrated by Steve Brown and Chris Neff with direction, camera work, and editing by Mark McBride. Music was provided by Less Than Jake.

How to Be a Player is split into two parts:

  • Volume 1 deals with Yo-Yo tricks from 1A through to 5A
  • Volume 2 deals with spinning top tricks

Volume 1 was responsible for introducing many players to the fundamentals of 5A. It also features a segment showcasing freehand tricks involving "The Apparatus."

The series is highly regarded by many mid-school players for its fun attitude and comedic skits, in addition to teaching a wide variety of tricks. Memorable moments include:

-Chris Neff trying to make a yo-yo out of donuts (and failing)

-Steve Brown getting strapped to a telephone pole (and left to wilt in the hot Florida sun)

-Lester the Duck (was not harmed during the production of this series)

While most players watched Vol. 1 multiple times, very few people have actually watched Vol. 2. In 2014, it was estimated that more than 90% of Vol. 2 VHS tapes were still in the shrinkwrap.

Songs Used in Part 1:

  1. Original 70s Duncan Theme (0:25 - 0:28)
  2. Shotgun - Less Than Jake (0:29 - 1:31)
  3. The Battle's Just Begin - Jersey (7:39 - 10:48)
  4. Think for yourself - Swank (18:39 - 19:47)
  5. Less Than Jake - My Very own Flag (20:02 -  20:36)

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