HyperCluster (Japanese: ハイパークラスター) is a line of yo-yos from Bandai introduced during the third Hyper Yo-Yo series in 2011.

General Overview

The yo-yos in the HyperCluster series are customizable, much like the older Hyper Dragon series from the late-1990s, but with a new parts system that is easy to understand. Each yo-yo in the HyperCluster series consists of these major components;

  • Body: The yo-yo's body halves, whose shape determines the playing style. Has ports where the components of the Core can be attached by rotating and locking into place via planetary gear system.
  • Core: Two components attaching to the Body containing the axle and response system.
  • Bearing: The part that sits on the Core's axle to make the yo-yo spin when it is thrown down. 

The method for putting together and disassembling a HyperCluster makes for easy customization, and allows users to mix different parts to fit their playing style.

Product Listings

Complete Yo-Yos


  • HyperCluster Loop Body
  • HyperCluster Wing Body
  • HyperCluster MachPhoenix Body
  • HyperCluster ThunderDrake Body
  • HyperCluster SlashDragon Body
  • HyperCluster BlazeGriffon Body
  • HyperCluster Loop Body Collection Vol. 1
  • HyperCluster Wing Body Collection Vol. 1


  • HyperCluster Star Core
  • HyperCluster Pad Core
  • HyperCluster Clutch Core
  • HyperCluster Laser Core


  • HyperCluster Bearing Set
  • HyperCluster Bearing Set MB-S1 Looping Edition
  • HyperCluster Bearing Set MB2-S3 Sleeping Edition


  • The HyperCluster yo-yos were also featured in the live-action TV drama, Hyper Yo-Yo Burning.
  • Compared to the other yo-yos in the Hyper Yo-Yo line, HyperCluster yo-yos are aimed at younger players, due to its customization system.


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