HyperCluster CB Clutch Loop SlashDragon
Manufacturer Bandai
Release date September 23rd, 2011
Shape Convex/Standard
Color Semi-translucent orange
Weight 69 grams
Dimensions Width: 40.74mm
Diameter: 57.16mm
Material Plastic
Bearing size Plastic spool with o-ring
Response system Auto-return clutch, complimented by starbursts

HyperCluster CB Clutch Loop SlashDragon (Japanese: ハイパークラスターCBクラッチループスラッシュドラゴン) is a yo-yo featured in Bandai's HyperCluster line of customizable yo-yos. It was released in Japan on September 23rd, 2011.


The CB Clutch Loop SlashDragon is a looping yo-yo, much like the PB Pad Loop MachPhoenix and PB Star Loop yo-yos, but with an auto-return clutch system in its Core, which also comes with its own exclusive Bearing piece. Like any yo-yo with an auto-return clutch in its design, the SlashDragon is good for absolute beginners.

Parts Overview

Body: SlashDragon

For the most part, it is similar to the standard Loop Body, but it features side caps, each with text reading "HYPERCLUSTER SLASHDRAGON", in addition to a stylized depiction of the mythical reptilian beast it is named after. The Body, along with the side caps, are a translucent orange in color.

Core: Clutch Core

This Core features a two-way auto-return clutch mechanism, along with the axle on which the exclusive Clutch Bearing sits. If it were to use any other Bearing, the clutch mechanism would be left unused. Features starbursts to help grip the string as the clutch kicks in.

Bearing: Clutch

A variant of the basic Plastic Bearing, the Clutch Bearing (CB) features a rubber o-ring that the Core's clutch system would grip when the yo-yo loses spin, using the momentum to make the yo-yo return automatically to the user's hand. The standalone version of the Clutch Core that is sold separately comes packaged with two of these.


  • The only other yo-yo in the 2010s Hyper Yo-Yo line-up to have both a dragon motif and an auto-return system is the Yomega CrossDragon, albeit it has a four-part clutch instead of a two-part one.


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