HyperCluster PB Pad Loop MachPhoenix
Manufacturer Bandai
Release date April 23rd, 2011
Shape Convex/Standard
Color Semi-translucent red with white glow-in-the-dark side caps
Weight 58.7 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 57.10mm
Width: 39.64mm
Material Plastic
Bearing size Plastic transaxle sleeve
Response system Silicone Pads

HyperCluster PB Pad Loop MachPhoenix (Japanese: ハイパークラスターPBパッドループマッハフェニックス ) is a yo-yo featured in Bandai's HyperCluster series of customizable yo-yos. It was released in Japan on April 23rd, 2011.

General Overview

The PB Pad Loop MachPhonenix is a looping-type yo-yo, much like the PB Star Loop, but with features such as a Pad Core and a body that is 5g lighter with glow-in-the-dark sidecaps. It also features the motif of the mythical immortal firebird, the Phoenix.

Parts Overview

Body: Loop MachPhoenix

This body is lighter than the standard Loop Body by five grams, giving it a light and fast feeling. It also features side caps that glow in the dark. It is semi-translucent red in color, with white side caps each displaying text reading "HYPERCLUSTER MACHPHOENIX" along with a stylized depiction of the legendary bird. The side caps also glow green in the dark.

Core: Pad

The Pad Core features the axle, as well as a pair of slightly raised silicone response pads for a smooth, snappy response. This component is also sold separately.

Bearing: Plastic

It is simply a plastic spool with a groove where the string is placed.


  • In one way or another, the MachPhoenix is the HyperCluster version of the Yomega SpinPhoenix, except with response pads instead of starbursts.


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