HyperCluster PB Star Wing
Manufacturer Bandai
Release date February 11th, 2011
Shape Butterfly
Color Semi-translucent blue
Weight 60.3 grams
Dimensions Width: 39.54mm
Diameter: 57mm
Material Plastic
Bearing size Plastic transaxle sleeve
Response system Starburst

HyperCluster PB Star Wing (Japanese: ハイパークラスターPBスターウイング) is a yo-yo in Bandai's HyperCluster series. It was released in Japan on February 11th, 2011, alongside the Loop.

General Overview

Whereas the PB Star Loop is the basic looping model, the PB Star Wing is the basic yo-yo for string tricks, recommended for beginner-level players. Comes included with a string, user manual, and a customization guide.

Parts Overview

Body: Wing

The Wing Body is designed with a flared, Butterfly-style shape, ideal for string tricks. It is a semi-translucent blue in color. This piece is also sold separately as a standalone component.

Core: Star

This basic Core component features the axle where the bearing sits, as well as the traditional starburst response system. The Star Core is also sold separately as a standalone part.

Bearing: Plastic

It is simply a plastic transaxle sleeve with a groove where the string is placed. It is as basic as the other two components.




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