The Hyper Dragon Off-String Play Type Body (Japanese: ハイパードラゴンオフストリングプレイタイプボディ) is a standalone Body part released by Bandai for the Hyper Dragon yo-yo.


These Body parts, each half of which weighing 18 grams for a total of 36 grams, are designed to turn the Hyper Dragon into an offstring yo-yo. The grayish rubber wings on its yellow plastic hubs allow the yo-yo to bounce off the ground after a drop. While this turns the Hyper Dragon into a yo-yo in the vein of the Hyper Viper, it does not provide an adjustable string gap width, due to the construction of the Hyper Dragon's parts system.

At one point in time, there was a modification advertised by, which involved the fitting of the Off-String Play Type Body's shells onto the YoYoJam SpinFaktor.


  • The only other Body part in the Hyper Dragon line to feature rubber parts is the Hyper Dragon Soft Ring Body Set.


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