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Chop sticks tricks are string tricks, that are done between the fingers of one hand. There are quite a number of mounts possible. Chop sticks mounts are often transitioned to standard two-handed mounts, so there are few tricks that can be classified as pure chop sticks tricks. Originally the Thumb Mount was intended as a picture trick (see infobox). However, a whole set of string tricks utilizing one handed mounts were developed afterwards.

Thumb Mount

This is the basic Chop Sticks mount.

  1. Do a trapeze.
  2. Put your freehand thumb onto the string.
  3. Bounce the yo-yo up over your thumb and land it on the segment between thumb and index finger. Alternatively, you can also land on both strings.
  4. To dismount, lengthen the mount by giving it string with your throw hand. Put your throw hand finger into the string (third picture) and pop the yo-yo out of the loop. Now swing it into a normal Double or Nothing and dismount.
Chop sticks thumb mount1

Step 2: Thumb on string

Chop sticks thumb mount2

Step 3: Thumb Mount

Chop sticks thumb mount dismount

Step 4: Dismount

Video: 1A - Chopsticks Thumb Mount
Comment Nice tutorial by Gerard Amento, showing the thumb mount and a dismount into trapeze.
Video: Chopsticks Tut
Comment Another fine tutorial about the thumb mount. Moves are the same as in the Gerard Amento video.
Video: Thumb Mount (Chopsticks Tutorial)
Comment Another video about the thumb mount, this time with another dismount. Why he uses white string and a white background is beyond me.
Video: Chopsticks 1
Comment basic combo, starting from the thumb mount.

Double or Nothing

This is basically the same thing as with two hands, except, that it is done not between your two index fingers, but between the index finger and thumb of the freehand.

  1. Start like a trapeze, but instead of landig on the string, continue around your freehand thumb.
  2. Continue around your freehand index finger again.
  3. Land on string between index finger and thumb.
Video: Chopsticks 2or0 (Chopsticks Tutorial)
Comment Tutorial including dismount.

The Metronome

The Metronome is an advanced trick done from a Thumb Mount. The effect is, that the yo-yo is swung from hand to hand in a perpetual motion.

  1. Swing the yo-yo from the thumb mount (while droppig the thumb loop) into a wrap around the throw hand.
  2. Land on the segment between the throwhand thumb and middle finger.
  3. Then throw the yo-yo around your throw hand, using the wrap as a rail. This move is a little bit like the Magic Drop in reverse. This lands you back in a normal trapeze.
  4. Start over by doing the Thumb Mount again.

Landing in the wrist wrap (step 2/3) can be easily practised from a normal trapeze.

Chop sticks metronome wrist wrap

The wrist wrap

Chop sticks metronome wrist wrap2

Yo-yo mounted in wrist wrap

Video: ChopSticks: Jason Lee, Metronome
Comment Metronome tutorial by Jason Lee.
Video: Chopsticks 101 - Lesson Three - Metronome Variations
Comment Variations on the Metronome demonstrated by Adam Brewster.

Advanced stuff

Apart from the basic stuff, there are quite a few advanced chop sticks tricks around. this section lists a few examples.

Video: Hashbrowns Chopsticks Tutorial
Comment Very nice tutorial by Jake Bullock illustrating different chop sticks moves.
Video: ChopSticks: Yuuki's Slack Chops
Comment Great tutorial for adding a few slack moves to chop sticks.
Video: GT Chopsticks
Comment Doing a green triangle chop sticks style. Video quality could be better.
Video: Chopsticks 1.5 (Chopsticks Tutorial)
Comment Anther nice mount. The title calls it a 1.5 mount, but it's more like a lindy loop.
Video: ChopSticks: SupaFlow
Comment Some exotic chop sticks mount in an advanced combo.
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