Manufacturer Japan Technology
Release date Fall 2016
Shape H-Shape
Color Black/Pink
Weight 75 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 78.02mm
Width: 58.5mm
Material Delrin with aluminum weight rings
Bearing size Size C
Response system JT Pads (19.6mm OD Joker Ring size)

The Aire (also stylized as AIRE) is an offstring yo-yo by Japan Technology released in the Fall of 2016. It is the latest signature yo-yo of six-time concurrent U.S. National 4A Champion and overseas Japan Technology team player Bryan Figueroa.


The Aire is developed as an updated version of Japan Technology's flagship model, the Kamui, developed with modern day standards and is easier to use. Bryan Figueroa took the Kamui and redesigned it with elements of other JT offstring models (i.e. the aluminum weight rings of the Eagle series) to improve upon the original design.

For years, offstring yo-yos with thin wings can get a nice bounce off of softer flooring, but these would have durability issues if used on harder flooring. Along with that, thin wings can mean less spinning power for the yo-yo, limiting the tricks that the player could perform.

The Aire was designed specifically to overcome those hurdles, able to endure bouncing off of both soft and hard flooring, improving its recovery capabilities. On soft flooring, the Aire bounces high and draws a gentle, curved orbit as the spin directs it back towards the player. On hard flooring, it still bounces high and steady, and barely budges from where it falls, giving the player a sense of control as they retrieve it in mid-bounce.


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