Eagle Eye
Manufacturer YoYoJam
Release date 2013
Shape H-Shape
Color Black
Weight 75.1 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 74.33mm
Width: 59.1mm
Material Delrin
Bearing size Size A
Response system JT Pads (Eagle Eye size)

The Eagle Eye is an offstring yo-yo released by Japan Technology in 2013.


The Rera is a popular offstring yo-yo among competitive 4A players, and using the yo-yo as a base model, Japan Technology gathered a mountain of data and feedback from the professionals to design an even better yo-yo. All of this research and development culminated in the form of the Eagle Eye, whose recoverability is improved from that of the Rera, and is also designed to allow players to perform a forward pass mount within a much shorter trajectory.

These qualities were achieved through careful control of the yo-yo's shape and weight distribution, also so that less time would be wasted waiting for the yo-yo to drop into the mount. Even the exact size of the silicone JT Pads were designed to maximize the number of tricks the user pull off on stage using the Eagle Eye.

Eagle Eye +A

Eagle Eye +A
Manufacturer Japan Technology/EZONE
Release date 2014
Shape H-Shape
Color Black with Pink rings
White with Green rings
Weight 76 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 74.5mm
Width: 59mm
Material Delrin with aluminum rings
Bearing size Size A
Response system JT Pads (Eagle Eye size)

The Eagle Eye +A is a variant of the original Eagle Eye, developed in collaboration by Japan Technology and the EZONE yo-yo contest. It is fitted with aluminum rings on its sides for extra weight. Compared to the Another Eagle +A, it had a more profound sense of heft, translating to much better stability and longer spinning during play.

For aesthetics, the aluminum rings are also anodized in homage to Moerenuma Park, where EZONE is held.


Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye +A

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