Manufacturer Japan Technology
Release date 2013
Shape H-Shape
Color White
Weight 74.7 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 79.08mm
Width: 56.17mm
Material Delrin
Bearing size Size C
Response system JT Pads (Large Slim)

The HyBREED is a yo-yo first released by Japan Technology in 2013.


The HyBREED is an offstring yo-yo whose design cues are taken from the best aspects of the Rera, Kamui, and Ashiru Kamui models and combined them to create a yo-yo that is suited for offstring tricks of all styles. This allowed it to accommodate offstring players of any and all skill levels. It also boasts the lightweight feeling of the Ashiru Kamui Light and the stability of the Kainer.

The HyBREED uses a large C-bearing and 19mm OD/Large Slim JT Pad response, along with gold-colored brass spacers that not only adjust the yo-yo's weight, but also affect its playing feeling, especially in regenerations. Due to the pad size used for the response system, other Large Slim-sized response pads can be used on the HyBREED, adding to its flexibility.


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