The Rera is the second offstring yo-yo produced by Japan Technology. It was first released in 2011.


The Rera is machined from delrin to the highest standards just like the earlier Kamui, featuring a very wide, almost trumpet-like Inverse Round profile that not only fits comfortably in the hand, but the catch zone also makes it ideal for regeneration-type tricks, minimal sleep loss, and longer grinding. It also features an adjustable string gap system consisting of a combination of O-rings and washers.

The Rera also features a large C-bearing, but instead of the silicone O-rings of the the Kamui, it uses 19.6mm Joker Pad response from YoYoJoker. Of course, this makes it compatible with other 19.6mm-sized response pads, allowing players to fine-tune their yo-yo's responsiveness to their own personal preference.

Much like the Kamui before it, the Rera became popular with offstring players in the contest scene. The yo-yo's design would eventually provide the basis for the Eagle Eye model and its variations.



  • The Rera's name comes from the Japanese native Ainu term for "wind".
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