Shift Change
Manufacturer Japan Technology
Release date 2015
Shape Butterfly
Color White
Weight 67.1 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 68.57mm
Width: 42.88mm
Material Delrin
Bearing size Size A
Response system JT Pads (CBC Small Size)

The Shift Change is a yo-yo released by Japan Technology in 2015 as the signature model of Futoshi Maruyama.


The Shift Change deviates from the norm of offstring yo-yo design, where bigger isn't better this time around. On the request of Futoshi Maruyama, the yo-yo is made smaller and narrower, in order to perform a unique spectrum of high-difficulty tricks unheard of in offstring play. The result, after thirteen rounds of prototyping, was the Shift Change. Normally, a narrow profile in an offstring yo-yo would lead to a high risk of missed tricks. But, with the engineering know-how typical of Japan Technology, that weakness is turned into an advantage so that the yo-yo could perform highly difficult tricks not possible in larger throws.

The yo-yo is machined out of delrin plastic, but on a molecular level, the plastic expands due to friction in the machining process, which makes 100% identical mass production impossible. The result is that while the same data goes into the CNC, the final product would vary in as much as 0.01mm to 0.05mm. Considering that Japan Technology designed the string gap with a 0.02mm error margin, this variable due to the manufacturing process lead to extra time and material spent producing each yo-yo and putting them through quality control.

The Shift Change is designed in mind for the top 4A players, who have a high sensitivity to the way their yo-yos play. To preserve the right feel, thin bearing spacers are used to make minute adjustments to the yo-yo's responsiveness.


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