Jeff Coons, who occasionally goes by YoYoPunk on the web boards, is a yo-yo player from Millbury and Boston, Massachusetts who is on Duncan Crew World-Wide and was on Team ExtremeSpin until its disbandment. He plays a variety of styles, getting top 5 at various contests with each style (with the exception of 2A). However, he tends to specialize in Offstring. He is also a member of Team Offstring Superheroes and Guys With Swords. He is a video editor and a graduate of Emerson College. Currently he lives in Marburg, Germany.

Selection of Awards and Titles

  • 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009 Massachusetts State and North East Regional Offstring Champion
  • 2006 North East Regional Yo-Yo Contest - 1st Place X Division
  • 2006 World Yo-Yo Contest - 5th Place 5A Division
  • 2006 National Yo-Yo Contest - 3rd Place 4A Division
  • 2007 Massachusetts State Yo-Yo Contest - 2nd Place 1A Division
  • 2007 North East Regional Yo-Yo Contest - 2nd Place 3A Division
  • 2007 National Yo-Yo Contest - 4th Place 4A Division
  • 2008 Massachusetts State 3A and 5A Champion
  • 2009 Massachusetts State 2A/3A, 4A, and 5A Champion
  • 2009 North East Regional 2A/3A, 4A, and 5A Champion
  • 2009 National Yo-Yo Contest - 3rd Place 4A Division
  • 2010 MA State Offstring and 2A/3A Champion
  • 2010 North East Regional 2A/3A and 5A Champion
  • 2010 North Czech Republic Yo-Yo Contest X Division Champion
  • 2011 National Yo-Yo Contest - 6th Place 5A Division
  • 2011 Burnin' Berlin Open Champion
  • 2012 German Masters 1st Place 4A, 2nd Place 5A, 2nd Place 2A
  • 2012 Austrian Yo-Yo Contest 2nd Place International X-Division


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