Jonathan Robinson also known as JonRob is a highly respected 5A player originally from Lynchburg, Virginia. He perfected his craft at Mitchells Yo-Yo club in Wilmington, Delaware along with the Severance brothers. JonRob was sponsored first by Anti-Yo from October 2007 until October 2008. JonRob was the first member of Saturn Precision Yo-Yos (SPYY)'s team around January of 2009. During his tenure at SPYY he helped promote his yo-yo model the Pure. In January of 2010 he quit SPYY because he wanted to "do his own thing." In May of 2010, YoYoFactory made him the Incredible Jonrob Edition Genesis. In the summer of 2010 JonRob officially joined the YYF Contest Team. JonRob's biggest accomplishment was when his peers voted him Trick Innovator of the Year in 2007 at the US National Yo-Yo Contest for his "technical 5A" tricks, an award which he shared with Jake Bullock. JonRob has also coined lots of popular yoyo slang that people say to this day. Words and phrases like "Step yo game up," "NASTY," "Get IT!," "Banger (big yoyo tricks)" and "What!" Jon is currently working on stepping his life and yoyo game up. He has a wonderful, cool wife and beautiful daughter. He is a school teacher in Delaware.

Signature Yo-yos

  • SPYY Pure
  • SPYY Pure (Gold plated) Limited Edition
  • SPYY Pure (VSOP) Limited Edition
  • YYF Genesis (Incredible Jonrob Edition)

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