Josh Parker known in the yo-yo community as Schalicto has been very involved in the yo-yo community through the years. Josh lives in Minnesota where he worked at Air Traffic Kites and Games in Roseville Minnesota , where he met many people in the yo-yo community. He also helped start The College for the Easily Amused in 2000 with Doctor Popular.

Starting in 2007 Josh started one of two yo-yo related podcasts (The other being YoYoRadio. In 2007 he did 40 episodes of the Yo-Yo Wiki Podcast. This was about all things yo-yo related and the happenings on the Yo-Yo Wiki. Then in 2009 he started the String Burn LIVE!.

The Yo-Yo Wiki you are reading was started by Josh. He was instrumental in the founding of the Yo-Yo Wiki with Derek Anderson in September 2005. Josh is currently one of the two administrators on the Yo-Yo Wiki.

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